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Workhorse Climbing Sticks - 4 Pack

Workhorse Climbing Sticks - 4 Pack

The Workhorse Climbing Sticks are designed to be budget friendly, but still include all the best features available in a mobile hunter's climbing stick.

The Workhorse Climbing Sticks attach to the tree with our patented DynaLite rope and tab. It’s the most user friendly, lightweight, simple, and fast connection method in history. There are no heavy buckles, no mechanical pieces, and no fiddle factor.

Stacking your Workhorse Climbing Sticks for transport is a breeze with our built in StickLoc pin system. Simply align the pins along the bottom step and snap together and the top.

These sticks also include our patent-pending RCS (Rope Containment System). Manage your DynaLite ropes quickly and easily by wrapping them around the installed RCS button.

Comes in a 4-pack to get you up where you need to be in the tree. 

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