Saddle hunting can definitely look intimidating at first glance. It seems like there's a lot of ropes, carabiners, webbing, and other stuff that hunters aren't used to from tree stands. That's ok. We know that once you get your feet wet, you'll be a pro in no time. Use this page to dunk your toes in the saddle hunting water. Then, you'll be ready to cannon ball.

Below we'll tackle the three most important pieces of gear, followed by the three most common questions we encounter.



    If done correctly, saddle hunting is one of the safest ways to hunt from an elevated position, due to the fact that you are always connected to the tree. The saddle itself is your safety harness. Simple attach the lineman belt while climbing, and the tether at hunting height, and use both ropes when climbing past a branch on a tree.


    With saddle hunting, everything is adjustable. From the height of your tether to the angle of your bridge loops to how your feet rest on your platform, it is ALL adjustable. Find out what works for you. Add to that a recliner for extra back support, and sitting all day long is no issue.


    Saddle hunting provides the opportunity to hunt any tree in any spot. Climbing stands require trees of a certain size, and lock-on stands stay where they are put. But in a saddle, ANY tree is fair game.